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If you have a die-hard Supercross fan on your Christmas list, there isn't any gift cooler than the Jeremy McGrath Replica Troy Lee Designs SE2 helmet. In addition to boasting a special carbon fiber shell with Kevlar weave that sets it apart from the rest of the SE2 helmet lineup, the graphics on the MC Replica are simply amazing. Through the years, Troy Lee has painted countless helmets for the King of Supercross, and the MC Replica is a combination of Jeremy's four favorite paint jobs through the years. I know I can look at all four elements and remember exactly when McGrath sported the original design and what he wore and rode, too. Jeremy McGrath is one of the greatest riders of all time and the fact that he's now retired (well, technically) doesn't make this helmet any less cool…this thing is badass!
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A few years ago, Nathan Ramsey showed up with an odd-looking step-seat on his works Honda CRF450R race bike. Designed as a joke among team members at first, Nate Dawg actually tried it out and found that it did indeed help him stay forward on the seat as he accelerated out of corners. Since then, hundreds of different variations have shown up on racer's bikes everywhere: some good, some not so good. The guys at Factory Effex take the guesswork out of custom making your own version with their super-cool TC4 Bump Seat Kit, which includes a stick-on foam wedge and a gripper seat cover. We've ridden with these on some of our test bikes for months now, and they really do help!
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If you've ever flown to a Supercross or National MX, you've probably noticed an overload of Ogio bags at the luggage carousel. See, everyone in motocross knows that when it comes to bad-ass bags, it doesn't get any better than a well-designed bag from Ogio. Take this Metro backpack for example: it has pockets and do-hickeys for everything, including a padded side-entry laptop sleeve, dedicated accessory storage, and a fleece-lined audio pocket for your iPod or cell phone. Main storage compartment is plenty roomy, and the entire backside (that comes into contact with your back) is nicely padded. The shoulder straps and grab handle are similarly padded, making this bag a favorite of the TransWorld Motocross staff.
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VANS "HALF CAB" SHOES Green/White $60, Shitake/Orange $65

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Basically, these were, and still are, my favorite shoes to skate in of all time. But, as the years pass, and I find less time for skating and more time for dirt bikes, Half Cabs have become my favorite shoe to just wear all the time. With more colors than you can shake a stick at, Half Cabs are not only classic, they are versatile. From the timeless waffle sole to the snug mid-top fit, Cabs define what an immortal shoe should be. And though I do love the green, I think I need a pair of the shitake and orange, too.



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I love watches, and Swatch has been making cool-ass timepieces since, well, as far back as I can remember. Here in the States, though, Swatch is primarily known for its bright-colored, plastic watches that we all remember wearing when we were in eighth grade. But, as most of the rest of the world already knows, Swatch makes so many styles, with about every material known to man, and they execute them better than anyone. Even better, Swatch has been an avid supporter of freestyle motocross and has even released a Mat Rebeaud signature watch. And though I like Rebeaud's wrist clock, I am asking for the "Be Punk" model for Christmas. Maybe neither one of those models are for you, but that is the beauty of Swatch; there is no doubt in my mind that they make a watch that you'll love. In fact, you may find one for every day of the week. They make tons of cool watches at affordable prices. I just wish I could ask for 10, instead of just one.


NEW ERA 59FIFTY CAP $26-36.50

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Chances are, you already have at least one 59Fifty. Heck, I have more than a few myself. But, a man can never have too many fitted caps; that's precisely why I am asking for some new 59Fiftys from some of my favorite companies. Just about every reputable company out there has a New Era in their line-up, so now I don't have to rock a baseball team hat just to get that 59Fifty fit. For me, I would rather run a cap that I know, instead of having every dumbass in the bar ask what the score was of that day's game. So, I am asking for New Eras from brands like Fox, DC, Metal Mulisha, and Oakley.