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Adam Enticknap, also known as the 7 Deuce Deuce, is one of the most popular privateer racers in the pro paddock and is also a confirmed entry in the September 27 TransWorld SLAM, which will be held at Milestone MX Park in Riverside, California. The unique head-to-head race format—launched by TransWorld Motocross in 2009—will pit racers against each other on the new Supercross track at the popular Milestone venue.

We're stoked to hear you're racing this year's TransWorld SLAM! What do you know about the event?
I know that there's a lot of slamming going on…

[Laughs] Yeah, there's definitely that. The way it works is, the top eight fastest riders during timed practice are seeded into four two-man, two-lap heat races. The winners move on to two two-man, two-lap semis. The two semi winners advance to the three-lap final, where they're joined by a third rider—a wild card chosen by the editor.
That's what I'm talking about! That's going to be sick. That means I'm just gonna have to work on my starts [laughs]. And also my SLAM Fest techniques—it's definitely going to be who can stuff the other dude in the first corner the right way, for sure.

The winner of the SLAM gets a gold championship belt, $5000, and the cover of the December 2014 issue.
What! Dude! The Seven Deuce Deuce is there!

What would you be the most stoked about winning?
The belt! The f—king belt! Are you kidding me? I mean, don't get me wrong, the cash is good and the cover of TransWorld is cool, too, but dude, the belt! I want that golden belt. I want to just show up to Supercross this year with my belt, so everybody knows I'm the SLAM Fest champ.

What would you do with the $5,000?
Save it. Grocery money. That or make it rain in a rap video.

After the trophy presentation we do the cover shoot, so if you won, what would you want to do for your photo?
Dude, I honestly don't know…

Anything you want…
I'd have someone park their RV in between a double and jump it—some Seth Enslow shit!

What do you think about your chances at Milestone? That's your stomping ground.
I like that. I'm pretty good at Milestone!

From what I hear, the Milestone Assassin is going to be there, too.
Oh no! That's going to be sick—me and the Schmidt-meister, banging bars.

We also heard lil' bro, Tyler Enticknap, wants to race.
He does!

So what happens if you're paired up with your brother?
Oh, I'd slam the shit out of him. If it's family, it just means it's super free game. That means his front wheel is getting taken out on the start.

What else have you been up to lately?
Just riding Supercross, dude. I've been at Castillo Ranch riding and just getting everything dialed for next year. I actually have a Canadian Arenacross ride that I'm getting ready for, and then I travel to Sweden the first weekend in October.

What's the plan for Supercross? Same privateer program?
I've got something cooking! I can't spill the beans yet, though, but it's looking awful tasty.

Are you going to be number 722 again next year?

What happens when you earn a double-digit number?
I'll quit racing until they give me back the 722.

[Laughs] Well, we're all looking forward to seeing the number 722 battle this year at the TransWorld Motocross SLAM Festival on September 27, at Milestone MX!
It's going to be epic!