readers share memories of Jeremy Carter.

In this week’s TWMX Monday Kickstart, Garth wrote a piece reflecting on the memories of Jeremy Carter. Jeremy is regarded as one of the true good guys in the world of Freestyle Motocross.

In response to Garth’s article, Chris Dias sent in the following…

I can vouch for the fact that Jeremy was one of the nicest guys that ever was involved in the motocross industry. I first met Jeremy in 1994 as we were both riding local motocross races in Central and Northern California. Jeremy was a great racer and was always one of the most friendly guys in the pits. While riding week in and week out everybody got to see a thrill in every moto that Jeremy was in, as he had an all or nothing style that either left him with a win or on the ground because he was trying so hard. I had many great memories, especially the weeks at Mammoth Mountain where once again, Jeremy was always all or nothing. We had some good times, and it was a joy to really get to grow up with him. As Jeremy left motocross to pursue his new goals in Freestyle motocross we kind of lost touch as I was still busy every week at the track.

Last year, while at Little Okie raceway in Central Cal, I ran into Jeremy after not seeing him for close to three years. He he had just got a new bike and decided to come out to the tack before he made any mods for fresstyle and just hang out for the afternoon. As always, once Jeremy makes you a friend, he never forgets. It had been a while since I had been to that track as well, and low and behold within five minutes of being there, he was the first to greet me. It was a welcome surprise and we were able to spent quite a bit of time remeniscing that night. I also, had the pleasure of going to college with Misty, while we were both in the Agriculture program at California State University, Fresno. She was always a pleasure in class and matched Jeremy’s personality perfectly as she was just as friendly. I will never forget that friendship that Jeremy gave me and wish only great thoughts for Misty and Jaden.

We all lost a great friend. One that none of us will ever forget.

We all miss you
Chris Dias

Thanks for sharing, Chris. In case you missed it click here to read Garth’s artice in Monday kickstart