Travel Essentials With Broc Tickle

Traveling week in and week out becomes a hassle rather quickly, and with each event taking place in a different, far away location it becomes one of the least desirable parts of being a professional racer. Everyone has a preferred method to make the hours spent in transit tolerable, be it magazines, music, or sleep, which is why we ased Broc Tickle what he needs in a bag to make each trip easier.


"When we are traveling on a plane, I sleep, so I don't really need much. But I always have headphones and I always am on my iPhone or my iPad playing Mad Skills Motocross."

My Wife, Jessica

"It's nice to travel with my wife and it is weird now to travel without her."

 Golf Magazines

"Every once in a while I will pick up a golf magazine, but normally not, because they are six dollars at the newsstand."


"I always grab a bottle of water, gum, and whatever else I may need from the newsstand when I get to the airport."


"If we are going somewhere interesting, like Hawaii last year, I'll bring a camera. But if it's just to the races, I leave it at home. There are enough media guys there to get all that (Laughs)."