Travel Essentials With Kyle Cunningham

As a veteran of the 250 class, Kyle Cunningham is an experienced traveler. The Star/Valli/Rockstar/Yamaha rider has traveled the United States and aboard to chase the racing action, and with that has a grasp on what he needs to make the days spent in the skies more bearable.

My Dad

"My Dad goes to all the races with me and I use him as a pillow when I need to sleep on the plane."

Starbucks Vanilla Iced Latte

"I've been hooked on Starbucks' Vanilla Iced Latte. It weird, because you we get some and they are good, and others barely put any vanilla in and it is like a straight coffee shot."

Dallas/Fort Worth Airport

"I just got to go home, and it makes the travel shorter to fly from Dallas to the East Coast. It is nice to be home and spend time with my family."

Golf Magazine 

"Sometimes I will get a golf magazine and read how to fix my swing. I used read R/C car magazines, but not anymore with the traveling."

Hilton Garden Inn

"We stay at the Hilton Garden Inn a few times, and they are pretty nice places with comfortable beds."

It’s Not About The Bike

"I like the Lance Armstrong book, It's Not About The Bike. I need to find it, because it is somewhere in my room back in Texas."

Mad Skills Motocross

American Airlines

"I fly American a lot, but lately I haven't been able to because I have booked my flights too late. I have status with them and I like the airline because I haven't had too many issues with it, aside for Pittsburg last year when I had a race shock in my gear bag. I never had an issue before and I had done it at other races, so I put the shock in my bag to take back with me to Texas. They confiscated the shock and told my Dad that he had to fly back to Pittsburg to ship it back home and then get on another plane. Luckily, the one nice dude sent it back to us, but American lost my whole gear bag with all my vitamins and my podium gear from Freestone in it. I was bummed about that."