Travis Pastrana Announces He Will Not Complete The 2003 AMA Chevy Trucks U.S Motocross Championship Series

Carlsbad, CA ¿ May 15, 2003 ¿ 19-year old, motocross champion Travis Pastrana has announced that he will not complete the rest of this year’s National Outdoor Racing Season. Though he will continue to be actively involved in the motocross and action sports industries, and is in no way retiring from the motocross sport, Travis has decided to take some time off from the physically demanding race schedule to focus on other opportunities for the remainder of the season.

Travis has chosen to forgo a rushed recovery and premature return to racing. This season, Travis came back 100% healthy and focused thanks to his trainer Todd Jacobs and coach Gary Bailey, only to be met with yet another injury in the first moto of the season at Glen Helen Raceway.

Travis Pastrana states, “Motocross has been my heart and soul and will always be my heart and soul. Injuries have made it impossible at this time to win a championship.” He continues, “Therefore, instead of racing injured, I am going to capitalize on the many opportunities that I have missed due to the intensity and commitment it takes to win a championship.”

Travis continues to be sponsored and supported by SoBe Suzuki Racing, Puma, No Fear, Spy Optics, Nixon Watches, Alpinestars Boots, Activision and would like to give special thanks to his coach Gary Bailey and trainer Todd Jacobs in addition to everyone else who has and continues to help him.