Travis Pastrana Joins Puerto Rico MXoN Team

Travis Pastrana has joined the MXDN Puerto Rico team and will do his best to hold up his end of the deal. As many by now should know Travis is involved in many different venues, one of them being rally car racing and that is basically his main focus right now, and I quote:

“Hello Gabriel,

I was just going over this FIM / MXDN entry form and had a few questions. First off, thank you for considering me for your team. Jeff Cernic had mentioned it to me a while ago and I thought he was joking at first but after thinking it over, it almost makes sense. I have to warn you that rally car racing is my priority and my season will have to go almost perfect for me to be in a position to miss an event and still win the championship. Even then, subaru is going to kick my ass. I have made a career by doing everything wrong and somehow things seem to keep working out for the better, so why stop now 🙂 If it works out, I will be in shape, I will ride my heart out and I will do the best that I possibly can to represent Puerto Rico

“On average, people crash out 1 of 3 to 4 events in rally. I have made it 12 straight rally America events finishing on the podium without any dnf’s, but that is highly unusual for that sport.”