Travis Pastrana: On the Right Track

At round two of the EA Sports Supercross Series at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium, Travis Pastrana rode the race of his life as he started up front and finished a strong, steady second behind David Vuillemin in the 250cc main event. Travis was as surprised as anyone that he stayed upright all race long, and the kid from Maryland was stoked to earn his first visit to the podium. Now that he’s got the first podium finish under his belt, perhaps the confidence that comes with a top-three finish will help Pastrana become a regular front-runner in the premier class.

TWMX: Congratulations on your second-place finish! How did you feel out there tonight?

TP: I really wanted to win. Everybody out there really wants to win. I know I have the bike to do it and the team backing me to do it. My mechanic Lee McCollum has been putting so many hours on my motorcycles and I keep crashing and falling down. It is not great for the team because they have to keep fixing my bikes!. I’ve really been working hard with Gary Bailey, trying to smooth out but remain fast. I’m just glad to be on the podium. What the heck!

TWMX: You have to be stoked after tonight. Lots of people think that you can’t stay upright long enough to finish a race?

TP: I couldn’t be happier that I stayed on two wheels. In the first couple of laps, I didn’t ride so well and Vuillemin took me to school! He is a phenomenal rider. He was so smooth. About halfway through the race, I felt really good. But I then I was thinking, “I’m sitting on the pole and if I crash out now I’m going to look like a moron. But if I don’t charge I’m going to be hitting myself later.” I know I have the speed now to finish up front, and that’s really what I want to do from here on out.

TWMX: You had the fastest lap times during practice?

TP: Yes, I did! Out of all the heat races, semis and qualifiers, I had the fastest time. My dad just told me I had the fastest lap time in the main, too!

TWMX: Any predictions for Anaheim 2?

TP: Well, I think the top ten riders will tell you they predict to win the next weekend. I feel like this is a great start and hopefully I can ride the first couple laps smoother. I know I can run with the top guys now. We’ll have to wait and see if I can do this week in and week out, won’t we? Let’s hope so, wish me luck!

TWMX: Good luck, Travis.

TP: Thanks!