For some riders, it seems like bad luck follows them no matter where they go and this seems to be the case for Team Honda veteran, Trey Canard. Canard has suffered from some of the nastiest injuries in the sport, but the Oklahoma native just keeps coming back for the love of the sport. If there is anybody in the pits that can maintain a positive and optimistic attitude through any adversity, though, it’s Canard! We caught up with Mr. Positive not long after his surgery to repair his broken arm, which he sustained last weekend in Detroit, as he and Jake Weimer both came together and went down.

Photos: Michael Antonovich

I think everybody that is a fan of motocross probably got that sick feeling upon seeing your crash in Detroit. Even more so, though, because it was somewhat similar to the horrible crash you had with Ryan Morais a few years ago. Is it hard to believe that more bad luck has struck?

I was mad more than anything (laughs). I remember being carted off the track and I could feel myself just scowling, not even looking at anything. I feel like there wasn't a whole lot that I could have done differently. From my vantage point, Jake was jumping the jump, so when he cased that jump he slowed down so much that by the time I needed to get out of the way, it was already too late. The crash itself really scared me because I just knew he was going to be hurt really bad. I mean, yeah, Jake is really banged up, but I'm just thankful it wasn't any worse than it ended up being. It's a scary thing to have a 220 pound motorcycle land right on top of you. I'm obviously bummed out, but everything's going well and maybe I can make it back for the whole outdoor season and if not, then at least a good chunk.

So were you able to try to do any evasive maneuvers in the air to possibly avoid landing on jake? It's got to be pretty hard to change your direction mid-flight, right?

Yeah I did, but It was such a small jump, so I had very little time to avoid Jake and I had already left the ground. Plus, I didn't really realize that I was going to land on him until I was already coming down. At that point, there was absolutely nothing for me to do. I've played it over in my head a million times by now because I know that people say certain things, but to me, I did the best that I could and I don't feel like I made any major mistakes.

When you hit the ground was it obvious that you had broken your arm?

Yeah, definitely. I knew right away! I wanted to get up, but the track crew didn't want that because they were afraid of a spinal injury, I guess. Right away I knew exactly what was going to happen. In my mind, I was already on my way to surgery (laughs).

So did you have any old hardware removed from your arm since you've injured that one before?

Yeah, I injured the same arm during the off-season of 2013 and it broke right at the end of the plate, so they had to take that out and put a whole new one in. The surgery went really well and they actually put in a carbon fiber plate, which I'm told is some of the newest technology. Also, they did a bone graph from a donor, so my doctor definitely put in some hard work.

So was the incision pretty gruesome looking?

Yeah! It's really long because they had to take the old plate out and I broke it on the opposite end of the existing scar, so now I'll just have one huge scar (laughs).

So are you looking to be back at the start of the nationals if this injury permits that?

I'm definitely holding onto that. You can't lose hope! I think from the day of my surgery to the opening round of the series is 9 weeks, so if everything goes perfectly over the next few weeks and I feel somewhat ready; 85% would work for me, then I'd like to line up. I've made the mistake of coming back too early before and when you look at it in the long run, it's just not worth it. Coming back unprepared is never a good thing.

How do you feel about your SX season? Obviously, you had some horrible luck, but you definitely showed some speed. 

I was extremely happy with this year. I thought my bike was really good and it was just fun to go racing. I was in such a good place and I had a great group around me, so it was really good being at the races. We were up there every time in speed and all of the pieces to the puzzle were falling into place, so everything was going really well. So when I'm good to go again, hopefully we can figure some things out and come out strong for the outdoor season. If not, then next year's SX season.

So you've got some time on your hands now-roughly 8-9 weeks. Are you going to take any crazy trips to Africa?

(Laughs) I don't know yet. There are always things you wish you could do more of, but can't find the time to, like spending time with family. So, I intend on doing that. I want to use this time to kind of enjoy myself and maybe even help out others in some way, so I'm sure I can find some trouble to get myself into.