After speaking with Fly, Leatt, Alpinestars, and Scott brand reps, it became clear that Trey Canard wants the lightest, yet safest products available. Nearly every component of Trey Canard’s kit is the respective company’s lightweight offering, which includes mesh gear from Fly Racing, vented boots from Alpinestars, and carbon equipment from Fly and Leatt. Knowing that factory teams spend thousands cutting weight off of a bike, it only makes sense that a rider would do the same with their gear.

Canard has a few preferences when it comes to style and color, as Max Steffens from Fly Racing noted that Trey’s favorite gear is their Kinetic RS Mesh, while John Knowles at SCOTT said he rides exclusively in his custom Hustle graphic. If you had a signature goggle, you would, too.

Fly Racing F2 Carbon helmet, Scott Hustle goggles, Leatt GPX Pro Lite Neck Brace, Leatt Pro Lite chest protector, Fly Lite Hydrogen jersey and pant, FLy Pro Lite glove, Alpinestars Tech 10 boots

Helmet: Fly Racing F2 Carbon
Colors: Trey Canard Replica | Matte Black
Size: Medium
Price: Replica – $299.95 | Matte – $269.95

The only modifications to Canard's F2 Carbon helmet are aesthetic, as the three required Muscle Milk logos are added to the chin bar and visor, while personal sponsors are added to other areas of the shell. The stock medium liner and cheek pads are untouched.

Goggles: Scott Hustle
Color: Trey Canard Signature
Price: $79.95

Canard's goggle setup varies on the conditions. During daytime practice sessions or races, he prefers a rose colored lens, then switches to a standard clear for nighttime races. He goes through more tearoffs than others riders on the Scott roster and can peel up to 21 laminated tearoffs in a main event. During the summer nationals, it is common procedure to apply a Kotex Lightday pad onto the forehead foam, but the standard foam is suitable for a night of Supercross.

Neck Brace: Leatt GPX Pro Lite
Color: Black
Size: Large
Price: $499.95

While riders have begun to pull away from running a neck brace, Canard credits the Leatt with minimizing the injuries suffered in last year's collision with Ryan Morais. The carbon fiber brace is fitted with the small sizing pins and the 10 degree angled spacers in the rear thoracic piece. Additional sponsor logos are added to the front panels.

Chest Protector: Leatt Pro Lite
Color: White
Size: One Size
Price: $139.00

Worn beneath the jersey, the chest protector covers his viable organs and works in conjunction with his neck brace. The top panels, which would normally be in contact with the brace, are removed to allow the brace to touch the body and for it to fit under the jersey more comfortably.

Fly Racing F2 Carbon Helmet, Scott Hustle goggles, Leatt GPX Pro Lite neck brace, Leatt Pro Lite Chest Protector, Fly Racing Kinetic RS Mesh jersey and pant, Fly Racing Pro Lite glove, Alpinestars Tech 10 boots

Jersey: Fly Kinetic | Lite Hydrogen
Colors: Kinetic – Orange/White | Kinetic Mesh – RS Red/White | Lite Hydrogen – Red/White
Size: Small
Price: Kinetic – $29.95 | Lite Hydrogen – $39.95

Canard runs a number of Fly Racing's gear lines, but his small jersey sizes carries across all categories. The arms and chest are tailored slightly for fit and AMA, WPS (Western Power Sports), DC Shoes, and the local Muscle Milk retailer for the weekend's event are sublimated on. Sublimation has become the new standard, as the designs are in the fabric rather than ironed on.

Gloves: Fly Pro Lite
Colors: Red, Black, Orange
Size: Medium (9)
Price: $24.95

Straight off of the shelf and onto his hands, the minimal Pro Lite gloves are Canard’s mitts of choice.

Pants: Fly Kinetic | Lite Hydrogen
Colors: Kinetic – Orange/White | Kinetic Mesh – RS Red/White | Lite Hydrogen – Red/White
Size: 30
Price: Kinetic – $99.95 | Lite Hydrogen – $129.95

Canard's Fly Racing pants are another off-the-shelf item and like his jersey, remain the same size across multiple platforms. PVC vinyl American Honda and Muscle Milk patches are added to the underside of the thigh, and Canard tends to run spiritual patches on the rear.

Boots: Alpinestars Tech 10
Color: White
Size: 9
Price: $579.95

Canard is a longtime user of Alpinestar's marquee offering, the Tech 10, and runs them without modification.