Trey Canard | Take Five

Trey Canard may be all business on the track, but as you’ll find out below, he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Team Honda Muscle Milk's Trey Canard is one of the most friendly and approachable riders in the professional pits, but what interests him outside of motocross and away from the races? We find out in this installment of Take Five where we ask five questions that yield five different answers.

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1. My home
"I travel so much that it's nice to be home."
2. Visit family
3. Elk City, Oklahoma
"It's where I grew up and it's awesome to go back there."
4. Northwest
"Going to Washington state is really cool."

"I don't really like to visit too many places, so four is all I have."

1. Terrafirma 2
"I'm not really a Crusty kind of guy."
2. The original Great Outdoors
3. Hot Rod
"Dumb and Dumber is pretty great, but it's not one of my favorites."
4. Frozen
"You can't go wrong with Frozen. Elsa the Ice Queen…"
5. Happy Gilmore

For a rider on a strict training regimen, Trey still cites ice cream as two of his top favorite foods.

1. Ice cream
2. Ice cream
3. Frozen yogurt
4. Gelato
5. Shaved ice

1. Basketball
"I'm a big Thunder fan. If you live in OKC right now, you're a Thunder fan."
2. Football
"I'm not a huge fan of football, but my little brother loves it, so I have to put it in there."
3. Swimming
"I like to swim. It's very challenging."
4. Cycling
"I prefer mountain biking."
5. Underwater basket weaving

Trey has always been a stand-up guy, and he proves it with the way he spends his money, “There are some people out there that really need some help."


1. I like to give it away
"There are some people out there that really need some help."
2. I like to buy khakis
"I'm not really into Dockers; I'm more of a Doc Martins kind of guy. I grew up in the '90s, and I like to get the big Doc Martin boots too (laughs)."
3. My tracks
"It's nice to have a good Supercross track."
4. I bought a Honda Grom
"That thing is sweet. I've bought a few things for that. Honda was out of them, so I had to buy it from a dealership."
5. Clothes
"I like to buy clothes—stuff that you wouldn't get from a sponsor like nice dress clothes."
6. My wife
"You should probably just switch out whatever I said for number one and put her instead (laughs)."