Trivia Contest: Win a DC Backpack!

DC is best known for its popular skate shoes and they are worn in MX circles by guys like Ricky Carmichael, Jeff Emig and Ernesto Fonseca. DC also make some pretty trick clothing and accessories like this Synax backpack. You can check out more excellent DC Shoe Co. products by visiting

Even though Amber begged and pleaded to not take her bag away, we pried it out of her clutches and will award it to the FIFTH reader who answers the following questions correctly via e mail.

1. What number did Ricky Carmichael gain amateur fame with?

2. What was RC’s first AMA pro number?

3. What outside-industry sponsor did Ernesto Fonseca have as an amateur?

4. What number did Jeff Emig gain amateur fame with?

5. Name a professional athlete in another sport that is sponsored by DC Shoe Co.

E mail your answers to