Troy Lee Designs S.E, Air Glove

PRICE: $38
APPLICATION: Sizes 8 to 12, available in black, blue, red, yellow, green and silver [IMAGE 1]In the past, Troy Lee has left us wondering how such a talented artist and designer could be associated with such bland riding gear. Now, instead of scratching our heads and arguing about who has to wear the stuff, the TWMX staff is instead fighting over who gets to keep it!

A little over a month ago, we received Troy’s new pants and jersey and were really impressed. His new glove line is equally impressive, and several days of riding with the gloves revealed that they not only look great, but work well, too. The ’01 S.E. Air model combines style with function in a glove that features beefy knuckle and finger protection by using foam pads that are reminiscent of the decade-old Sinisalo Biofoam line. Thanks to Troy’s artistic touch, though, riders are able to venture into the new millennium with plenty of knuckle protection without having to go to the line sporting Jeff Ward’s old duds!

Not only does the front of the glove offer plenty of protection against rocks and roost, but the underside does an excellent job of preventing blisters. At first sight, we were worried about the TLD gloves bunching up on us due to their flat palms, but we had no problems whatsoever with blistering. Quality is first rate as well. The gloves have been ridden on and thrashed for over a month now and have yet to develop a hole.


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