Troy National


125 MOTO 1:

Last year’s Troy winner Brock Sellards holeshot and led for the first lap. Rodrig Thain quickly passed him, and led until being passed himself by Mike Brown. Nate Ramsey was hot on Brownie’s tail, but he high-sided hard and pulled off. Sellards finished third, followed by Grant Langston, Travis Pastrana and Ernesto Fonseca.

125 MOTO 2:

Ernesto Fonseca holeshot and took the lead. Mike Brown caught Fonseca on lap 7, and the two of them dueled, and banged bars a few times before Brown got by. Fonseca was on Brownie’s rear fender the rest of the moto, though. Branden Jesseman charged from a seventh place start up to third, and almost caught Fonseca at the end of the moto. Damon Huffman finished close behind in fourth place, and Sellards finished fifth. Travis Pastrana was feeling the effects of his concussion he suffered last week, and could only manage a tenth in the second moto. Troy’s jumps seemed to affect Grant Langston’s injured shoulder, as he finished 6th on the day. The points have gotten closer, and the top two riders are injured. Look out for Mike Brown!

125 Results:

1. Mike Brown – KAW – 1/1

2. Ernesto Fonseca – YAM – 6/2

3. Brock Sellards – KTM – 3/5

4. Branden Jesseman – HON – 9/3

5. Damon Huffman – YAM – 7/4

6. Grant Langston – KTM – 4/8

7. Larry Ward – YAM – 8/6

8. Travis Pastrana – SUZ – 5/10

9. Kelly Smith – KTM – 10/9

10. Rodrig Thain – SUZ – 2/28

250 MOTO 1:

Ricky Carmichael walked away with the overall win this Sunday in Troy, Ohio. RC won the first moto, followed by a hard-charging Kevin Windham. It looks like Kevin is starting to come alive on his new Suzuki ride. Sebastien Tortelli rounded out third in the first moto, followed by Mike LaRocco. Ryan Hughes ran in 4th place, but he flipped over the bars and finished 13th. Tim Ferry was running in fifth place, but had bike problems and had to pull off three laps from the end of the moto.

250 MOTO 2:

Tim Ferry holeshot and led to the end. He was followed early on by Hughes and Dowd. Carmichael got a mid-pack start, but worked his way up to the front quickly, but the moto was over before he could catch Timmy Ferry. Mike LaRocco rounded out third. There was a three-way battle between Hughes, Windham and Tortelli. Hughes passed Windham, and then Tortelli tried to make a move. He and Windham connected, and Tortelli ended up on the ground. Two laps later, Tortelli crashed and DNF’ed to finish in 30th. He was taken to a nearby hospital and diagnosed with a mild concussion. Stephane Roncada rode consistently, finishing 5-6 for 4th overall. Ezra Lusk finished 6th the first moto, but had brake problems in the second and fell back to 26th.

250 Results:

1. Ricky Carmichael – KAW – 1/2

2. Mike LaRocco – HON – 4/3

3. Kevin Windham – SUZ – 2/5

4. Stephane Roncada – KAW – 5/6

5. David Vuillemin – YAM – 7/7

6. Ryan Hughes – HON – 13/4

7. John Dowd – KTM – 8/8

8. Tim Ferry – YAM – 31/1

9. Kyle Lewis – YAM – 9/9

10. Sebastien Tortelli – HON – 3/30