Double Trouble

We caught up with Monster Energy/Kawasaki’s James Stewart a while back to get his tips on handling jumps with tricky double lips. Take it away James…

“Basically, what I do on jumps like this that have a double lip on them is make sure that I am set up right; that’s the first and most important thing. You always want to make sure that you are leaving the lip straight; you never want to get kicked sideways on the face, because that will most definitely spell trouble.

“As I come out of the corner before it, I start to lift the front end of the bike when I get near the face of the jump so that it goes over the hole, or ‘first lip,’ without getting bucked. While doing this, make sure to keep weight on the back end, so that when you clip the top of the kicker, it doesn’t kick your back end up; you just blow right through it. Always stay on the gas going up something like this, too, otherwise you’ll get thrown over the handlebars!


  • Look ahead to plan your line in advance.
  • Enter the obstacle in a straight line and commit.
  • Begin to lift the front end as you approach the kicker in the lip.
  • Keep weight centered on the bike, but towards the rear to stabilize the bike.
  • Stay on the gas consistently all the way off the jump and into the air.