Tuesday Tip: Factory Fueling

Watching Darrin “Rookie” Sorenson fuel Chad Reed’s bike at a recent race, he offered up a couple tips are used fairly universally among the teams on the SX circuit…but which we rarely see among weekend riders.

First up are the filters that line the funnel that he uses. “You can get these at any paint store. The inline fuel filter gets the really fine particles, but I’d about shoot myself if Chad’s bike bogged on the face of a triple because of a chunk of dirt or other piece of junk from inside the can clogged the line.”

Next, to avoid contaminants the funnel and filter go back into a Ziploc bag.

And finally, you might think the large 2 on RC’s gas can looks like a mismatch, but in a team that’s running both two- and four-stroke machinery, it’s essential. If you’ve got a mix of bikes in your garage or truck, make sure you (or anyone else who may fill up your bike) can instantly ID which fuel cans are for which bikes, and you can avoid a costly or painful mistake.