Tuesday Tip: Goggle Lens Selection

Obviously goggle lens selection is a pretty subjective thing. Where you ride, the weather, time of day, and more all play a factor in what you choose. We asked Oakley’s Anthony Paggio to lay out some of the most popular lens options that they have available. He told us, “The light transmission level is how much light is accepted to the eye when you’re looking through the lens. Clear has a 93% light transmission, though adding tear-offs does have some affect on that. For overcast days they’ll sometimes go to a light blue lens, which is about 66% light transmission. We’ll use the fire Iridium which is about 16% light transmission, for blaring hot sunny days.”

So what’s the most popular choice among the Oakley-sponsored riders? Paggio had a quick answer. “Clear. Ricky, Bubba, Ernesto and the rest of the guys usually prefer that for outdoor races, because you’re going in and out of trees and shaded areas, and because you never know if you’re going to have cloud coverage or light changing conditions during the moto. During the week while they’re practicing, they might use more variations, because they can always pull in for a different set of goggles, but for races it’s nearly always clear.”