Tuesday Tip: Looking Ahead

One easy-to-spot trait of beginning riders is that their gaze is often fixed not too far in front of their front fenders. Pros like Matt Walker recognize that as your speed increases, you need to look further ahead so that you can hit the lines you want, and be prepared as the track changes.

“As you’re entering a bowl corner you want to look at wherever the exit of the corner is. Wherever you look at is where your front wheel is going to go, so I try to look at the exit of the corner. As soon as I get to the apex, I start looking ahead down the next straightaway, scanning the ruts, bumps, looking to hit the lowest line on a jump ahead, or whatever.”

“If there’s 50 feet between you and the next jump, of course you’re looking at the face of the jump. When you’re starting to land, you look ahead to the next obstacle¿especially in supercross. Lines change every lap. A line could get a kicker or a rut, so you always want to look ahead to the next jump.”


“When you’re jumping a triple or something like that, you have a lot of air-time, so that’s a good time to pick your head up and just look around the track, especially at the whole straightaway in front of you. You never know, somebody could be down in a blind section and there may be a flag, but you don’t know where they’re at on the track. It definitely always helps to look as far ahead as you can when you can.”