Practice Corners

This shot of Ricky from High Point reminded us of some advice he shared with us in a Tuesday Tip from a few years back, that still holds true today: Practice corners.

“Anyone who has seen me race outdoors knows that I make up most of my time in corners. Lots of riders spend lots of time practicing jumps because they are fun, but practicing corners is more practical. It’s not as fun or glamorous, but it will pay off on race day. Becoming comfortable and confident in the way your bike slides as you power out of a turn is important if you ever intend on getting aggressive in turns,” Ricky told us.

It also helps, of course, if you practice corners with the perfect form that RC is displaying in this shot:

  • Eyes looking ahead
  • Outside elbow up
  • Weight on the outside foot peg
  • Inside leg out and up for balance
  • Smooth throttle control

He certainly makes it look easy, doesn’t he?