Sandy Corners With Ryan Morais

Knowing that it was Tuesday Tip time, and realizing that Southwick was coming up this weekend, we decided to head out to Cahuilla Creek MX Park today in hopes of grabbing some pro tips on riding in the soft stuff. Okay, the truth is we just wanted to go riding, but as luck would have it, our bud Ryan Morais was there flying through Cahuilla’s numerous sandy corners, so we hit up the Boost Mobile/Yamaha of Troy pilot for some insight into his technique. Let us have it, Ryan…

For sandy turns, I try to arc the turn and round it off. You don’t want to square of a sandy turn, because since they’re so deep that you’ll really lose your momentum. I try to stay a little lower in the corner below the powdery stuff if I can; because again, it’s really gonna slow you down. Like here at Cahuilla, everyone seems to go really high in the berms, so I try to stay below that and out of the powder.

You can come into a sandy turn a little faster than normal, because the sand is going to slow you down. Keep your weight neutral by positioning yourself in the middle of the bike. If you move your weight forward you can end up washing out your front end, and if you’re too far back, you’ll go wide. I’m definitely more centered than I would be on a regular rutted or tacky turn.

The key is to keep you momentum up and maintain your speed all the way through the turn. Try to stay neutral and flow through the turn by keeping your speed up and rounding out the turn. I use a little bit of clutch, but mainly I just try to stay smooth on the throttle and roll it on as I go through the turn. Don’t fight it.

Ryan makes it look easy, but hopefully by following these tips and getting plenty of practice, you’ll be blasting through sandy turns with ease.