Setting Up Your Tear-Offs

The last thing you want to be doing while throwing down hard laps on the MX track is fumbling to remove your tear-offs. ‘What is the secret to keeping your tear-offs easy to remove,’ you ask? TWMX reader TJ has that very same question:

“I see that all of the pro riders have a stack of tear offs on their goggles at once. What’s the trick to getting them to come off one at a time?”

To be honest, setting up tear-offs seems like a pretty simple task, but to make sure our technique is solid we asked Scott USA’s Steve Kwait to show us how it’s done.

Step One: Start with a clean pair of goggles.

Step Two: Attach the tear-offs to the first two posts (the ones on the lens of the goggle). Steve says he typically runs five tear-offs for an average moto, but rider-preference will dictate the right number.

Step Three: Fold over the tear-off flaps one at a time, and push them onto the third post (the one near/on the strap).

Step Four: Tightly crimp the folds of the tear-off flaps. This step will cause the flaps to “pop out” when each one is pulled, making it ready to grab without taking more than one.

Step Five: Release the flap of only the top tear-off so it’s ready to pull, and you’re all set.

There you go, TJ. Hopefully with these tips you will have your tear-offs dialed-in in no time. Now… go ride!