Stay Hydrated

This weekend in Mount Morris, we were reminded that summer is definitely here. It’s getting hot outside, and that means pounding out motos is that much more of a challenge. One key to staying fresh and competitive even when the mercury is rising is to stay hydrated…

We realize that this tip sounds obvious, but we run into too many people — especially kids — that think they can pound soda or energy drinks to keep themselves hydrated. When you see your favorite AMA pros sipping from energy drink cans on the podium after winning a race, those cans are almost always filled with good old water. The caffeine in soda and energy drinks acts as a diuretic, which means it pulls water out of your body and makes you urinate more often. So, like it or not, there’s nothing as good as H2O!

Sounds fun doesn’t it? But this advice comes from personal trainer Eileen Maeda. “There is no longer the myth of drinking at least eight glasses of water per day,” Eileen told us. “These days doctors are simply concerned with whether you are you drinking enough water. But how can you tell? The color of your urine is the easiest way to see if you are drinking enough water,” she went on to explain.

“The color of your urine should be somewhat translucent. Imagine a piece of paper with writing on it at the bottom of the toilet. Can you read the writing through your urine? If so, you are drinking enough water,” said Eileen.

Eileen also gave us this easy tip to remember on race days. “Whether its race day or just daily, drink as often as you feel the need. If your mouth is dry, or you are licking your lips more often, you are already thirsty and need water. But for those who need a number: at a minimum you should match your weight in fluid ounces of water during a race day. For example, if you weigh 190 pounds, you should be drinking at least 190 fluid ounces of water.”