Tuesday Tip: Toolbox Essentials

Everyone needs a toolbox when they go to the track. Some people bring a lot of tools, while others bring nothing more than some t-handles and a pump. But the fact is, your bike needs care before you hop on, in between motos, and especially after a get-off.

For those who still aren’t quite sure what they should have with them when they load up their bike, we decided to compile an ideal list of items that would all fit into a small three-drawer tool chest with top access. How do we know all of this will fit, you ask? Well, we dug through Rockstar/Makita/Suzuki’s Kobi Iseri’s toolbox and this is what we found:

-Metric T-Handles
-Small container for grease
-Sag Tool
-Small container for misc nuts & bolts
-Spoke Torque Wrench
-Air pressure gauge
-Flash light
-Air box cover (for washing bikes)
-Small bicycle air pump
-Tape measure (Millimeters)
-Tire Spoons (3)
-Grip glue
-Razor blade
-Magnetic bowl
-Metric T-Handle Allen heads
-Spring puller
-Chain link breaker
-Assorted screw drivers
-Punch Tool for sag adjustments
-Valve Stem remover
-3/8″ drive Torque Wrench
-3/8″ Ratchet
-3/8″ Deep Metric socket set
-3/8″ assorted extensions
-Pliers, needle nose pliers, channel locks, snap ring pliers
-Black Markers
-Metric Wrenches 8mm (2), 10mm (2), 12mm (2), 13,14,15,16,17,18,19,21,22,24,27,30,32,

That’s right, all of these items can be crammed into a small toolbox, and they will serve you well. Just ask Suzuki; this one toolbox served them well this year at both TransWorld Motocross 450 and 250 Shootouts.