Tuesday Tip: Track Your Progress

Sure, you can turn endless laps in the pursuit of getting faster and working on bugs in your riding style, but are you getting faster, really? It’s time to break out the stopwatch.

Pros regularly get updates on their lap times from friends, mechanics, or coaches, both during races and practice sessions. That way you know exactly whether you’re getting the improvement that you’re looking for. Sure, you can ride frantically, and think you’re going faster than ever, but you’ll often find that when you’re riding more smoothly and consistently is when you’re turning in your best laps.

Timing laps is also useful for when you’ve made changes to your engine package or suspension. Just remember to compare laps within the same day (and not your best-ever times on a day when the track may have been smoother or better prepared, and factor in things like how you’re feeling out there. Obviously you’ probably won’t be going as fast at the end of the day when you’re tired as you were in the morning when you were fresh…but it does give you something to compare against.