Tuesday Tip: Working the Edges

Near the end of the day at Glen Helen’s Primm Prequel, the track was pretty well bombed-out, thanks to a full day’s worth of thrashing from 125 and 250 Pros, not to mention the first round of the WMA series. From one edge to the other, it was filled with plenty of holes, square-edged whoops, and gnarly braking bumps.

During the last 250 moto, just when you’d think there were no smooth lines left to find, we spotted Chad Reed working a portion of the track that none of the over 100 riders who raced that day had tried. Steering input required for this is minimal, because the bike will naturally want to return back to the bottom of the bank, so the energy required to use accomplish this is also low.

Now riding banks like this isn’t for riders who are less-than-precise with their ability to hold lines, but it can help save some energy, as well as taking some pressure off your hands┬┐especially at the end of the day when they’re really beat. You just have to keep your eyes and options open.