TV Land Ride For Relief

When: Saturday September 17, 2005

Where: TV Land, Pierpoint, OH

What: Ride for Relief is a nonprofit fund raiser for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. All proceeds will go to the American Red Cross Association.

How it works: Riders will have a free day to ride and raise money at TV Land on September 17th from 12:00 noon to 6:00pm.  All you need is a sponsor.  Get your sponsor or sponsors to make a donation for every lap you ride at TV Land.  They can also make a flat donation for the event.

After the event, your laps will totaled and a certificate will given to you to show your sponsor(s).  Your sponsor will then make a check or money order payable to the American Red Cross Association.  Send your donations to:

TV Land
c/o Hurricane Katrina Fund
773 Route 7
Pierpont, Ohio 44082

This is a chance for you to make a difference, so don’t miss out!

Please ask for your sign up sheet at this location! You may also visit for more details and download a copy of the sponsor sign up form.