Twenty20 Track View, Supercross Style

In an effort to provide SX fans with an in depth look at the 2006 AMA SX series, Twenty20 has teamed up with Leo Vince, Team Solitaire and Clear Channel to bring Track View to Supercross.

The Track View footage is designed to provide everyone with an opportunity to view the conditions and layout of every track in the series. Track View will run live every week so fans can see the track from the racers¿ point of view, as well as a map of the track, and all of the important track stats, free of charge.

This year will not only feature the usual helmet camera track footage, additionally, Leo Vince, makers of the X3 Exhaust system, has designed a new mounting system that will bring viewers the first Roost View. Now, you¿ll not only see where Ryan is going but you¿ll be able to catch a rear wheel perspective when he takes off and lands on big triples, as well as the occasionally violent and nauseating rhythm section. The masters of mounting are set to make the trial run of Roost View in Phoenix, so if all goes well you¿ll see footage from that round, and going forward. (knock on wood).

Track View debuted in 2005 with the AMA MX series and the Twenty20 website was the only place to find a first person view of the outdoor national tracks (via the Twenty20 Helmet Camera of course) as well as track analysis from Helmet Camera extraordinaire, Ryan Clark of Team Solitaire.

Be sure to check every week.