Twitch Injured in Detroit

The X Games qualifier in Detroit this weekend was insane, and nearly every top freestyle rider in the country was on hand in hopes of qualifying for the 2002 Summer X Games to be held in Philadelphia.

Though the weekend went well for most, Metal Mulisha rider and our pal Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg was involved in a terrible accident. Twitch over-jumped a double in the small Detroit arena and crashed into a brick wall past the landing.

“That was one of the worst crashes I have ever seen,” said fellow contest rider Jeff Tilton. “I think we tend to forget just how gnarly this sport can be when things go wrong. It was ugly!”

When the dust cleared, Twitch was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he underwent surgery. His list of injuries included a broken rib, a collapsed lung and a punctured liver. Things looked really bad at first, as the wounded liver presented major problems for Twitch. Surgery went well, though, and it looks like our boy Twitch is going to be okay.

Still not ready to fly back to his hometown of Lake Elsinore, California, Twitch is expected to return home this weekend or early next week to begin his recovery.