TWMX All Access: ’06 Answer Gear

With a background as a BMX racer, team manager, former TWMX staff member, and now Marketing Manager at Answer and Pro Taper, Big E’s an interesting character. Since taking over the reigns at the Big A a couple years ago, he’s helped turn the look of the gear around, along with the entire brand identity. We hooked up with him this week for a quick Q and A, as well as a look at their ’06 gear.

What are your roles and responsibilities at Answer?

I’m the Marketing Manger here at Answer. I also am the Marketing Manger for the Pro Taper brand. My general responsibilities are to oversee the brand and how they run. That includes things like who we work with on the rider/team side, overseeing the entire media/ad program, and the relations we have with the magazines. I am also heavily involved in the product line of both brands. I also take the trash out from time to time and cut up old handlebars we don’t need anymore.

Answer’s Doug Geller is the mainstay at Answer, he has been here for over 16 years. He has seen it all in the apparel industry. He and I have been working really well with the athletes on improving the function and look of the new Answer gear. I can’t tell you how much fun it is working with that guy. He has so much experience!

When you first started there, you had to live with a season of gear that was pre-designed before you were there, but then you got to cut loose. What were the biggest changes you made’

We revamped everything! From the new Answer icon to the new gear to the last poly bag and sticker.

Okay, what’s the low-down for Answer this year? What’s new? What’s different?

Well to start off with, Answer is 30 years old this year. We are super-stoked to have such a great rich history the Answer brand has enjoyed over the years. From Bob Hannah to Johnny O’Mara, Micky Dymond to Mike Kiedrowski, Jeff Stanton To Jeff Ward, Answer has had some of the best the athletes in the sport.

As far as the new gear goes, we stuck with some of the things that worked for us on the 2005 line. Then we started massaging it and what we came up with is what you see in our 2006 offering. We have added a few different colorways in all the lines of gear—Syncron, Ion, Ion Girl, Alpha, and Alpha Air—all have new and fresh colorways to them. Granted we are not offering chocolate chip, honeydew or a ZZ Top colorway, but we did add to the offering in a new and different way. I’m very pleased with the 2006 offering. I think we have a little something for everybody. I am especially pleased with our entry-level gear Syncron. It is so packed with value it’s insane! For a $99 pant, jersey, and glove combo, you can’t beat it! It has the look that it is much more expensive, but it’s not. We did not compromise on the quality of the gear, either. The Syncron is a great value in MX gear!

Is ’06 more of a revolutionary year? Or a refinement year?

Refinement. We stuck with some of the things that worked for us on the 2005 line.

What’s your favorite stuff in the line?

I am actually split between the red/blue Spiderman look of the new Alpha line and the black/ flo-red Ion gear. No wait, I also like the red/yellow Alpha Air and the blue/light blue Alpha Air. Errrr…I can’t decide!

Obviously hooking up Ernesto Fonseca and the Subway Coca-Cola guys was big for you. Are those guys back for next year, or will we see any changes?

We have another year with Ernesto, and another year with the Subway Coca Cola team. I would like to continue to work with the both of them for many years to come. Ernesto is a great guy and the consummate professional. He is also super consistent. Chuck Shultz’s Subway Coca Cola team is equally a blast to work with. We have a few irons in the fire as far as new riders/team for next year, but it is a little to early to speak of them at this time. Lets just say we are stepping it up.

I’m looking for some of that Anarchy A Answer gear…do you know where I can find any?

Maybe you can find some in the Primm Museum or on E bay. You won’t see any of that around here!

To check out the ’06 Answer gear, check the photo galleries in the right-hand column.