TWMX All Access: Impact Video and the Xtremey Awards

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Last Tuesday, the Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana, CA, may have been the epicenter of, uh¿we hate to say it, but extreme. No, the X Games weren’t in town. Instead, it was the 4th annual Impact Video Xtremey awards, and some of the top mountain bikers, BMXers, surfers, skateboarders, snowboarders, skiers, and MXers were on hand to mingle, and either present or receive awards.

So who is Impact Video? It was started in 1995 by Docy Andrews, who’d produced some motocross and mountain bike video projects of her own. “As a producer I came to understand all the challenges that producers have. One of the main aspects is that if you do not have any way to distribute your video, you cannot survive.  A good distributor was needed at that time¿someone who really cared about the producers, the dealers and the sport. So I decided to hang up my producer hat and devote myself full time to filling that need.  I started out working out of my spare bedroom with my three little boys running around and shipping out of my garage.  I guess we have done okay because we’re now in 11,000 square foot building with 15 employees and close to 1000 DVD’s and related products. I started the distribution side of my company with Moto XXX by Quick Fix Films, Disturbing the Peace by Fusion Films and Full Throttle by Greg Godfrey.”

The rise of Impact closely parallels the development of lower-cost (and higher quality) DV camcorders, as well as desktop video editing. When asked about how those elements had changed the quantity and quality of the videos we see, Docy said, “The quality just gets keeps getting better and better and it allows for new talent to introduce themselves with a production value they can be proud of. There is a much greater opportunity because costs have come down so much.  More and more videos come across my desk, so we have to be selective about content and overall quality.  We do not wish to flood the market with low-grade product. We want to make sure the people buying the videos feel they have gotten the entertainment value they have paid for and more.”

Docy is also supportive of new producers. “I do a lot of consultation, and I’ll take the time to critique their videos based on production knowledge and consumer trends.  I also help them with marketing strategies and sometimes just plain old encouragement.”

So how did videos get selected for Xtremey Awards? “The videos for thus year¿s nominations were titles released from November 1, 2002 to December 31, 2003, and submitted to Impact by January 1, 2004.  In the future, qualifying videos will be videos released within the calendar year and submitted to The Xtremey Awards organization for consideration by the first of the following year. The nominees were selected from polling data collected throughout the year and finalized by a nominating committee. The nominees were placed on a popular vote ballot and the voting was opened for any and all to participate.”

“We had a tremendous response from all the sports markets.  People voted for what they were familiar with and that was good.  I believe it also helped sports enthusiasts become aware of other sports they may not do, but would be entertained by seeing it. Since this was the first year that the bike and board markets were included, we still need to do a lot of work to make them aware of the Xtremeys, but I’m happy with this initial response and know that it will just get better and better.  Next year will be even more amazing.  I don’t know how yet…but I know with all the heart and soul in the sport and in Impact and in myself…we will make this happen.”

Below you’ll find just a taste of what went down on Tuesday night, and at the bottom, a list of winners.










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2004 Xtremey Award Winners

Best MX Freestyle Video: Crusty Demons: 9 Lives
Produced by: Fleshwound Films

Best MX Freestyle Rider In A Video: Travis Pastrana In Travis And The Nitro Circus

Best Freestyle Sportbike Video: A Few Loose Screws
Produced by: Crazy Dan Productions

Best Freestyle Sportbike Rider In A Video: Jason Britton In Get On Up

Best Snowboard Video: Shakedown
Produced by: Mack Dawg Productions

Best Snowboarder In A Video: Gian Simmen In Kingsize

Best Moto Competition Video: Inside X: XGames IX
Produced by: Transition Productions

Best Snowmobile Video: Slednecks 6
Produced by: Peak Productions

Best Snowmobile Rider In A Video: Jay Quinlan in Slednecks 6

Best Off-Road Video: Huevos 6
Produced by: H-Bomb Films

Best Off-Road Rider In A Video: Jon Guetter In Huevos 6

Best Skateboard Video: The DC Video
Produced by: DC Shoes

Best Skateboarder In A Video: Danny Way In The DC Video

Best BMX Video:  Wide Awake Nightmare
Produced by: Square One

Best BMX Rider In A Video: Mike Aitken in Wide Awake Nightmare

Best Mountain Bike Video: Kranked 5: In Concert
Produced by: Radical Films

Best Mountain Bike Rider In A Video: Tyler Klassen In Kranked 5: In Concert

Best Surf Video: Bounty Hunters
Produced by: Prophesy Digital Media

Best Surfer In A Video: Titus Kinimaka In NIHI

Best Video Soundtrack: 50 Nuts
Produced By: Clutch Films

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