TWMX All Access: Metzger Action Sports

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Last weekend we stopped by the grand opening of Mike Metzger’s new shop, Metzger Action Sports in Perris, CA. While the whole day was a whirlwind of activity, we managed to grab Metz himself, to ask him a few questions about his multi-faceted business venture.


TransWorld Motocross: Wow, it looks like a 10-ring circus around here. What all is happening?

Mike Metzger: For the grand opening, we have the retail shop, showing off everything that we’ve got to offer. There’s everything from Zoo York clothing to motorcycle parts and accessories, as well as skateboard parts and accessories. We’ve got service in the back, with two top-line mechanics working on any kind of bikes, and building SuperMoto machines. Then we’ve got a skateboard park, which we’re expanding. We have bands here, DJs, and freestyle guys jumping. There are also freestyle 50s guys, BMX jumpers, Red Bull skydivers jumping in from across the street at Perris Skydive Center, and vendors out front showing off products. We’re just having a good time. It’s pretty cool.


TWMX: : Why’d you decide to do the shop?

MM: I’m always thinking about where I’m going to take myself for business, and I’ve always wanted to have my own shop. I actually had a shop a few years ago that didn’t work out because of a partner, but this is all on my own, with my own time and money. It’s a family business. My sister, Shelly, runs the retail shop for me. I just ride my bikes and make sure all my ends are tight, and pay the bills.


TWMX: : How’d you decide on the location here?

MM: I’ve lived down the street from this shop for probably 12 years. My parents live in Quail Valley, and we’ve always used Goetz Road as an access road to get to the 215, or to go to Perris Raceway. This building’s been vacant for quite some time. I recently got my motorhome, and then I have a race truck and trailer, and I really needed a place to keep all my vehicles and really grow my business. Working out of my house a mile down a dirt road doesn’t really do a company any justice when you have to have people come to your place, and the wife doesn’t let that happen for too long.

I just always knew that there was a possibility that I’d be in this warehouse, and it’s all working out. I’ve been in here for close to four months. I just got the shop open. We’ve built some custom SuperMoto bikes for people, which I really enjoy making fast bikes and working with a lot of other engine builders and companies within the industry to supply products for going racing.

This location is also cool, because we’ve got the Apex Kart track 10 minutes down the road for SuperMoto. We’re also kind of centralized between Lake Elsinore Motocross Park, Perris, and Starwest.


TWMX: : Speaking of riding, we know you just scored your first national SuperMoto podium, but how are yyour injuries doing?

MM: Well, I’m not riding, that’s a little bit of a bummer for me. I can’t even ride at my grand opening because I have some blown-out discs in my lower back and they’ve taken a little longer to heal than I’ve expected. My body’s always sore just from years of beating myself up, but the SuperMoto’s keeping me happy. I enjoy going fast. Going fast is just as much fun if not more than flying through the air. I’m just trying to keep a balance with riding whatever I can, from SuperMoto, to local motocross tracks, to freestyling when I have to for events, and now running the shop which is a good base for me to make phone calls and try to get on the computer and answer my e-mails.


I’ve got a good team of people I work with. From my sister and cousin, both my mechanics, and everyone who helps me. Next week we’re actually expanding this front area, and we’re going to have full machinery to manufacture ramps, and just basically build anything we want out of steel. That’s something I’ve always enjoyed, is building things, and I like heavy machinery. So hopefully we’ll be able to whittle out some SuperMoto products in the near future, and just keep growing.

Metzger Action Sports
1800 Goetz Rd. Unit B
Perris, CA 92570
(909) 657-7870

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