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Online learning has become an increasingly popular way to take add to your education, whether you’re brushing up on a computer program, learning a new language¿or just about any skill. Most college campuses now offer some kind of online learning, which is cool, because you don’t have to travel to the campus, you can pick your own hours, and you can take the course at your own pace.

It should be no surprise that the same learning concept would come to motocross. Here in Southern California it’s rare that we go to one of our local tracks without seeing a variety of well-known trainers, coaches, and teachers. But in other areas, the teaching talent pool isn’t quiet as deep, which makes it tough to pick up proper techniques.

Rich Taylor and Chris Wheeler came up with, and we’ve been impressed with their teaching style, and how they’re able to get the information across via video lessons. Rich is rather modest in the interview, but besides his racing career and test riding, he does quite a bit of movie work (like on Charlie’s Angels and Supercross The Movie, where he played a rider for Team Nami). He also does plenty of mini four-stroke racing with the BBR crew. So for this interview, it seemed only natural to do it¿you guessed it, online with Rich.

What is is an online learning site dedicated to teaching the correct fundamentals and techniques of all the aspects of motocross and supercross racing.

Who¿s behind it?

Chris Wheeler and myself are the owners. My brother Michael Wilson is also helping out a ton.

How did you come up with the concept?

My good friend Chris Wheeler actually came up with the idea of doing video tutorials. We both test ride for Suzuki and in our down time we are always brainstorming for things to do and ways to make money¿ Chris came up with the idea and we just started going crazy from there.

How long has it been in existence?

We started putting everything together almost a year ago. We thought we could be up and running in a month or so¿yeah, right! This stuff takes forever. One thing I learned is that most computer guys are expensive and they lag! We were paying this company tons of money for nothing, my brother Michael was doing all the work. Finally Chris took control and built a new site himself and basically did it all. He is incredible on a computer. We finally went live two weeks ago.

How about a little background on you and Chris.

Chris Wheeler was one of the most underrated racers around. He is technically so smooth and fast in the corners its amazing. He raced several years on the circuit with some great results but he also had some bad luck with injuries. If not for injuries he would have been a top ¿factory¿ racer. He also won several national amateur titles as well. He is the guy that would pass the top racers at Glen Helen on Thursday practice when they were training to get ready for the Nationals.

I raced for 14 years on the national and supercross circuits. Motocross has pretty much been my life since I was a little kid. I now test full-time for Suzuki and I do some testing riding for some magazine¿. I hate talking about myself so if you really want to know more about me, Google me.

How do the lessons work?

Basically we cover pretty much every aspect of racing, training, maintenance, etc. You click on a lesson and a short video tutorial will pop up. The video is narrated and played over and over again, in slow motion, and at regular speed. The lessons are explained very thoroughly so that they are easy to understand.

Who are the instructors?

Chris and myself instruct in all of the riding videos. Former factory mechanic Dave Dye is doing some of the maintenance tutorials along with some of the current team mechanicss. Of course we use a lot of the Suzuki guys because we both work with them on a daily basis.

We use pretty much only the top guys in the videos, so not only are the clips educational, they are pretty cool to watch.

How often are the clips updated?

The tutorials are updated about every week. There is so much material to cover that it would be impossible to run out of things. You can also e-mail us and ask questions.

How much does it cost? costs $12.99 for 1 month, $64.95 for 6 months and $129.90 for a year. What you have to remember is its unlimited access, 24/7. If you were to go to an on-track instructor you would be paying at least $100 an hour for instruction you may forget the next day. Our site allows you to learn from the best and you can study up whenever you feel the need.

Do you get a diploma or maybe a ride with Team Nami after graduation?

Chris and I like to think you get something way more valuable than a diploma after graduation, Speed! Although, if you consistently start smoking our main video subject, Ricky Carmichael, I will personally talk to Team Nami and get you a ride!