TWMX All Access: Tru Technologies

Among a row of small industrial businesses alongside the 91 freeway in Corona, you’ll find Tru Technologies. After you head inside and are greeted by Tru’s owner, it’s not hard to figure out how they came by their name. Rich Truchinski has been working in the motorcycle industry in various capacities for years.

As Rich tell it, “It’s funny, in ’82 when I was riding my CR125, I went to this track that Donnie Hansen and Johnny O’Mara used to practice at all the time. There wasn’t an inch of it that wasn’t covered with whoops, and after about four months of practicing there, my shock blew. I didn’t have the money to pay for it, and realistically, there weren’t a lot of shops around that did that kind of work. I’d been working on automotive stuff all my life¿my dad taught me when I was really young¿doing fabrication and race car stuff. Naturally I transferred all that into my motorcycle mechanics. Long story short, I took the shock apart, got the parts I needed¿which were slim and none to find, and rebuilt it myself. That’s where it all started.”

“From there, I just kept doing shocks, and people would ask me to do stuff for them. Then in ’92 I started getting paid to do it. Now it’s my whole gig¿it’s what I make my living doing. It’s tough in this industry, but I put everything I have into it, and it’s my life.”

How does he compete, when he’s nestled among larger competitors like Pro Circuit, Race Tech, and Factory Connection. “You know, my friends have beat me up big-time for being down here. It wasn’t like I wanted to be down here with all these guys around me, but that’s how it worked out. But actually, I don’t think it’s hurting me. I was in Canyon Country before, which is 85 miles on the other side of L.A., but it was just as tough there as it is here. The good thing is, the people who can’t get their stuff done right away , because Race Tech, Pro Circuit or anyone like that is two weeks away, I can get stuff done in a few days. That has actually benefited me in a lot of instances, where people can’t get their stuff done right away, and I can get it turned around in time for a weekend.”

Tru now offers a full variety of suspension and motor mods, but the product that has garnered the most interest recently are the new Ride Control triple clamps that they¿ve developed. An articulated link allows the bars to rotate forward, while elastomers provide enough cushion on compression and rebound to take the edge off bumps¿all while maintaining good steering response.

Rich explains how he got the idea. “In the early ’90s, I was working at Answer Products, and was working on the Pro Taper project with Chuck Teixeira, and Larry Carlson at Easton Aluminum. Chuck brought the bar over to use and he wanted me to make bar mounts for the bikes. I ended up making all the drawings and designing the bar clamps and triple clamps for all the Pro Taper mounts. We went out to the old Rawhide Cycle Park in Elsinore to do some testing with Rick Johnson. Mike Kiedrowski didn’t test the bars that day, but he was there testing. When I went over to look at Mike’s bike, he was sitting on the bike and pushing on the bars. I noticed that they were moving back and forth because it was a rubber-mounted bar clamp. I asked him, ‘Man, are these rubbers worn out?’ He told me that he liked it to moved back and forth a little bit. When I suggested that it might be a little excessive, he said, ‘It’s great¿I love it.’ When I asked him, ‘What about turning?’ he said, “I just deal with it.'”

Ever since then, it’s just clicked in my mind. I even had a drawing of a handlebar mount with a telescopic type suspension device on it, but I never did anything with it because it was a little too complicated and I just felt that it wasn’t what it should be."t;

A couple of TWMX testers have tried the Ride Control clamp, and were pleasantly surprised with its bump damping action.

Not surprisingly, given his long-term involvement in the sport, Rich is also a fan of vintage racing. Looking around the shop, there’s a mix of new and old bikes, including a vintage Maico, and the bike he rides most often, a CR480.

In addition to his work in the office, Rich can frequently be found at local tracks like Glen Helen. When we stopped by, the week after the season-ending Glen Helen National, he was still excited about his overall win in the 30+ A class at Glen Helen’s Amateur Day. There¿s no doubt that if you were quizzed on whether Rich is a hardcore moto fanatic, you¿d have to answer, “True.”

Tru Technologies
1441 West Pomona Rd., Ste 22
Corona CA 92882
(951) 280-9010