The 2015 Transworld Motocross El Dorado Nationals has officially begun and Riverside, CA’s Milestone MX Ranch was host to the opening round. Located in the heart of the Inland Empire, The former horse ranch welcomed racers with moist dirt and a jumpy new layout. With a bit of rain occurring over the past few weeks, the usually hard packed soil welcomed quite a few ruts in almost every corner and racers seemed to enjoy the new challenge being that Southern California doesn’t see much rain.

Rookie White was on an absolute mission at round one. White went home with overall wins in both 250 Intermediate and 450 Intermediate. Keep an eye out for this kid over the next few years!

Sebastian Lorenz and Dylan Anderson each had some great finishes. Lorenz took home the overall in 450 Pro and Anderson was the top finisher in Pro-Open. Here, the two battle it out for position in their respected classes.

Vendor row was the place to be this weekend if you were in need of any goods for the races or even your garage. Bell Helmets came out to round one with their most advanced helmet to date-the Moto-9. Any racer interested in purchasing the Moto-9 was eligible to give the helmet a test run during a moto before making the decision to purchase. EKS Brand Goggles was also in attendance as they kept racers stocked up on goggles, lenses, tear-offs and some other cool goodies. Matrix Concepts, Atlas Neck Brace, Next Components and 1.7 Cleaning Solutions were all on deck with everything from bike stands and mats to neck braces and cleaning supplies. All four brands were all under the same roof and were offering incredible discounts to all riders in attendance at round one.

Vendor row had some great deals this weekend. Matrix Concepts, 1.7 Cleaning Solutions, Atlas Neck-Braces and Next Components were all together under one canopy and offered their products at rider support discounts.

Tyler was another Yamaha rider to go home with some good finishes. Rosa won both motos of Schoolboy and second overall in 250 B just behind White.

Kyle Fry and his Yamaha had some great battles and he was able to pull it together for an overall in 250 Pro.

The El Dorado series was kicked off in proper fashion as tons of So-Cal’s fastest riders came out to dice it up with one another. Rookie White was the kid to beat this weekend as he finished on top of every moto he lined up for. White won both 250 Intermediate and 450 Intermediate with huge leads in each race. Tyler Rosa was another Yamaha rider to have a good weekend of racing. Rosa finished with a 1-1 in Schoolboy and second overall just behind his teammate White in 250 Intermediate. Sebastian Lorenz took home the overall in 450 Pro, Dylan Anderson was another Yamaha guy to take home the win in Pro-Open and Kyle Fry was the top finisher in 250 Pro.