Round number two of the 2015 TWMX El Dorado Nationals is officially in the books and this was a race that’ll stand out in everyone’s memories for many years to come. In the days leading up to the race, talk of a storm heading right for Southern California was the most talked about subject and when the storm finally arrived, it lived up to the hype. The night before the race, the rain had started, but only for an hour or so. It wasn’t until the early morning hours that the clouds began to unleash the rain and it didn’t let up for one minute all day.

Giant mud puddles like the one pictured above were at nearly every stretch of the track at round two of the El Dorado Nationals. It took more than a bit of finesse to navigate around this motocross track.

One Industries’ Ryan Moscrop demonstrates how to properly dig a trench around a vendor. Determined to supply riders and spectators with One Industries goods, Ryan toughed out the elements nearly all day. Ryan, we salute you!

Even though round two was an absolute mudder, a few hundred racers ignored the fact that it was going to take a little longer than usual to wash their bikes after this weekend’s race and decided to hit the race track, regardless. Sebastian Lorenz was undoubtedly the most comfortable rider in the treacherous conditions. Lorenz was not only the fastest rider, but he was even scrubbing a few of the jumbos as if they were completely dry. The Yamaha rider finished with the overall in 450 Pro and went 1-1 in Pro Open. Dylan Anderson was another rider to go home with an overall as he finished at the top step in 250 Pro and just behind Lorenz in Pro-Open for second. Joey Hall was the top finisher in 450 Intermediate and Tyler Felix went 1-1 in Schoolboy (thru 17) for a solid overall victory. Cameron Bannock had a great day, as well, as he not only finished with the overall in 250 Intermediate, but he did the same in Open (Non-Pro).

Sebastian Lorenz was clearly quite comfortable in the sloppy mud. Lorenz finished with the overall in 450 Pro and Pro-Open by winning every moto in dominating fashion.

Cameron Bannock was another rider that looked at home in the mud. Bannock finished on the top step of the podium in 250 Intermediate and Open (Non-Pro).

We hope to see you at round three of the TWMX El Dorado Nationals, which will be held at LACR on January 25th. See you there!