We're officially past the halfway point of the 2015 TWMX El Dorado Nationals and Cahuilla Creek MX Park was the site for round number four, as the series touches base with the most popular motocross tracks in Southern California. The Anza, Ca race track is a true outdoor style raceway that features some of the best changes in elevation, as every track in the facility is strewn about over naturally rolling hills. The track features some pretty big jumps and after a long day of being beaten on by a few hundred racers, it has a tendency of getting extremely rough.

TWMX test rider, Tallon Lafountaine rode to an impressive four moto wins at round four of the El Dorado Nationals. Lafountaine swept both 250 Pro and Pro-Open and finished with commanding leads in every race.

Gordon Keller, also had a great weekend of racing. Keller and the number 42 machine rode to four moto wins taking home the overall wins in both 250 B and 450 B.

Tons of great races went off without a hitch today and it was a total blast watching everyone dice it up to gain as many points as possible towards the championship. Tallon Lafountaine was by far the most impressive rider this weekend, as the TWMX test rider swept every moto of every class he entered, which consisted of 250 Pro and Pro-Open. Gordon Keller was the top dog in the "B" classes, as the number 42 machine led the pack all the way to the finish line in both 250 and 450 Intermediate for both overall victories. Tristen Morts had a good day of racing, as well. Morts won both motos of Open (Non-Pro) and Miles Daniele did the same in 450 Pro. The Yamaha of Daniele rode to a solid 1-1, which sent him home with the overall.

Tristen Morts had some great finishes at round four of the El Dorado Nationals. Morts and his consistent race finishes led him to the top step of the podium in Open (Non-Pro).

Miles Daniele and his number 523 Yamaha rode to a solid overall in 450 Pro. Here, Daniele enjoys one last whip before his last moto win of 450 A.

We hope to see you at round number five of the 2015 TWMX El Dorado Nationals, which will be hosted at Perris Raceway on February 22nd. See you there!