We ran down the list of people we follow for this week’s offering, and threw in a few shots of our own. Darryn  Durham and Ryan Morais went under the knife this week, Jason Anderson and Josh Grant launched into the rollers at Freestone, MC took his kids to school, and Jeremy Stenberg takes a look back at when making Metal Mulisha shirts was DIY. We stopped in at Fox Racing’s SoCal office, got the first copies of the July issue, and shot the next an upcoming poster.
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@twmxdotcom Are you kidding me?! Jason Anderson sends it into the rollers.

@twmxdotcom Stopped by to say hi to our buddy Dub-J at @foxheadinc

@lucasmirtl This is my favorite pic of the year so far @joshgrant33 ripping the wall jump into the whoops at freestone on the weekend one of the gnarliest jumps I have ever seen on a mx track #gnarly

@hannahmorais We've come along way the past 4 months

@toddpotter1 Jeff Ox Kargola's bike at @jcrhonda #Misshim

@twitchthis1 2001 making Mulisha tees with spray paint and stencils !!!

@twmxdotcom New issue featuring @therealjs7 is popping off the printer. #fastestman #jamesstewart #transworldmotocross

@darryndurham Doing it for KP!! Little shoulder rehab n I'll have my pitch back in no time!

@therealjs7 Not only is my riding getting better but so is my golf swing. After racing, I'm going after world #1 in the golf ranking haha

@coleseely Washed her

@jeremymcgrath2 Playing Mr. Mom and loving it.

@l_brooks Check out our pit shirt were wearing this weekend. I like the sponsor addition too. Great Job @steephillmedia! #nomorespandex4Nate

@mike_mason81 @ogblanco kills it man, piece is coming along nicely!!

@twmxdotcom We love two-strokes.