Team Fox

The Fox Racing team of Doug Dehaan (top left), JJ Pecsok (top right) and Joey Lancaster (front) dominated the TWMX Industry Cup Elite class competition.

TWMX Industry Cup | Fox and Shift Teams Dominate

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Photos by Cole King

Motocross is an amazing sport, and being involved in the industry of the sport we all love is both a privilege and a blessing. Getting to work around dirt bikes keeps our jobs fun (and we all know that it certainly isn’t a good way to get rich!), and it is our passion for dirt and knobbies that keeps all of us going each and every Monday morning.

The TransWorld Motocross Industry Cup was created to celebrate those that work behind the scenes to make our sport the greatest in the world, and also to give us all and excuse to get out of the office on a Friday afternoon for a day full of fun, fellowship and racing! The format of the event is simple: companies within the motocross industry are invited to field three-man teams of employees, which then compete against the others in a Motocross of Nations three-moto format. Last year, the KTM team of Mike Sleeter, Casey Lytle, and Ryan Morais smashed all three motos with such authority, that we were forced to re-evaluate our race program. Though many former top-level professionals do indeed hold down 9-5 jobs within the motocross industry, racing against them is not always an inviting proposition for those who have never moved past the beginner class. Thus, the Industry Cup Desk Jockey class was created, and reserved for teams that had no former or current professionals on the roster.

Industry Cup

A full roster of teams from the motocross industry showed up to compete in this year’s TWMX Industry Cup.

The Milestone MX track was prepped to perfection for the Friday afternoon event, and a great time was had by all in attendance. In the Elite Division, the Fox team of Joey Lancaster, Doug Dehaan, and JJ Pecsok earned a solid win over the MTA Distribution team of Mitch Vandermortal, Kurt Samuelson, and Brian Bebeck. The third and final spot on the podium went to the One Industries team of Charles Castloo, Ben Schrik and Clayton Murillo.

Joey Lancaster - Team Fox.

Joey Lancaster turned in 1-2 class scores to help the Fox team earn the Motoda-Tretta Industry Cup.

Victory in the new desk jockey class was swooped up by Team Shift, which was comprised of Zack Andrade, Jeremy Runge, and Josiah Damm, who swept both of his class motos with flawless rides.

Josiah Damm - Team Shift

Josiah Damm of Team Shift won both of his class motos with relative ease.

The O’Neal team composed of O’Neal’s Marc Shear, Leatt Brace’s Jason McCune and HLTN’s Kramer Patterson earned runner-up honors in the desk jockey class. They say it’s not a party unless everyone is invited, and that is certainly the case with the Industry Cup. Because there are plenty of industry employees who long to compete, but don’t have two teammates at work, we randomly created a few “pot luck” teams, and such was the case with our runner-ups.

TWMX Industry Cup - Desk Jockey podium.

Team Shift topped the Desk Jockey division. They were flanked by Team O’Neal (left) in second, and team (right) in third.

Third on the day in the Desk Jockey division went to our friends at Matt McCarthy, Myles Lujan and Travis Snyder.



1. Fox Racing – Doug Dehaan, Joey Lancaster, JJ Pecsok

2. MTA – Mitch Vandermortal, Kurt Samuelson, Brian Bebeck

3. One Industries – Charles Castloo, Ben Schrik, Clayton Murillo

4. TransWorld Motocross – Brendan Lutes, Craig Davis, John Simanovich

5. Answer Racing – Randy Valade, Paul Perebijnos, Nick McBride

6. EKS Brand – Rich Taylor, Richard Taylor, Zach Taylor

7. Maxxis Tires – Randy Mock, Jarrett Loop, Steve Kronquest

8. Suzuki – Chris Wheeler, Frankie Garcia, Geoff Walters



1. Shift MX – Zack Andrade, Jeremy runge, Josiah Damm

2. O’Neal Racing – Marc Shear, Jason McCune, Kramer Patterson

3. – Matt McCarthy, Myles Lujan, Travis Snyder

4. FMF Racing – Andrew Halliburton, Brett Dimanno, Brody Phillips

5. NoToil – Ryan Jenson, Brandon Webb, Ty Mescher

6. TransWorld Motocross – Donn Maeda, Craig Owen, Dominic Gaytan

7. Troy Lee Designs – Shaun Hillion, Masa Shirotani, Gregory Bell

8. Yamaha – Paul Kuehnel, Rocky Aiello, Kai Aiello

9. ODI – BJ Burns, Brandon Greer, Kevin “Hulkamania” Stevens

10.  One Industries – Ryan Moscrop, Dennis Bloch, Shaun Ryan

11. DC DShoes – Nate Hawley, Doni Wilson, Shane Kinman

12. Vital MX – Michael Lindsay, Joe Carlino, Morgan