TWMX Peeps Show

Contrary to popular demand, the TWMX Peeps Show is back again. Yep, this is the place for all the TransWorld MX readers to show off their bikes and riding style, as well as bench race, lie a little, and score a little exposure for themselves. We’ve got three new members of the TWMX Peeps Show to introduce this week…


Age(s): 17, 52
Classes Raced: Brett: 250 B, Open, and 4 Stroke. Ronnie: +50
Favorite Tracks: Cooperland!!
Tales: My dad got me into racing and riding and we have been riding together for about eight years now. When I was first starting out up until I started to race a couple years ago, he was always faster than I was and he would get behind me when we were out riding and push me, but now that I’m faster than he is, I get to have a little fun and go mess with him… It’s just payback for all the times he made ME feel like a goon! Even though he has ridden and raced long before me, I have been around motocross my whole life and it’s my favorite thing there is to do! I don’t know where I would be or what I would do if it was not for motocross. Check out the awesome website a good friend of mine, Jim Azbill ( made for me. It’s All pictures on the site were taken by John Craft of Thanks again to Jim and John!




Sponsors: Azbill Designs, 3 One Four Fotos, Cue Pools, 180 Decals, No Fear, Snap On Tools, Marshall’s Racing, Spy Optic, Amateur MX Magazine, Rainbow Sports, Cycra, Tag Metals, N-Style, PMG Apparel, Engine Ice, Works Connection.


Name: Vegard Bergene
Age: 17
Hometown: Larvik, Vestfold, Norway!!
Favorite track(s): My backyard!

What’s cool about your bike: It’s butt-ugly! I have never seen the same bike anywhere!! It still has stock graphics, and the rear wheel looks bigger than the front wheel!



A Favorite Story about your bike: Since both my riding and my ride suck, everybody laugh, and I really mean LAUGH, when I’m riding. I can’t show off with some jumping either, because the shock-rebound is broken. 🙁 The steering-head bearing is also broken, so the handling isn’t all that good. I bought the bike for 1500NOK, that is about 200 US dollars!;)

If you want more photos, or info, mail me. 😉

Uh, I think we’ve seen enough photos of your fine ride, Vegard…but thanks for the offer. ¿ GuyB


David Vuillemin sent this photo of his daughter Charlotte (along with one very scary Shark helmet liner) for the Peeps show. Way to go Charlotte…and DV.


Want to see yourself in the TWMX Peeps show? E-mail digital photos and text to Be sure to include all the pertinent stuff like your name, age, where you’re from, tracks you ride at, tall tales, and anything else you think we need to know. We know you’ve got the pics, let’s see them. Oh, and realize we reserve the right to heckle your ride (if it resembles one of those eBay “factory bikes”).