TWMX Playlist On Spotify

To say that music is a major component to our lives here at TWMX would be an understatement. For every event we head to and every issue we piece together, there is music in the background. If you were to stop by our offices, you would have to pry the headphones off our ears just to get our attention. Don’t think we would be ignoring you, Swap practically has to scream “BEAVIS!” to get my attention.

Loads of content lives in the “CONNECT” area on the far-right border of the site. You should check it out some time.

Depending on how much you actually browse the various areas of our site, you may or may not know about the Social Networking area dubbed “CONNECT” that lives on the right side of the homepage. With a quick overview of our Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feed, and Instagram, it can bring you up to speed on what we are doing with a few simple clicks. A recent addition to the widget is the Spotify player. It has shown up a time or two over the past few months is features like “Mixtape With…” and will become more frequent in the coming weeks. If you are a Spotify user, be sure to subscribe to the TWMX Playlist, which will be updated often with the staff’s favorite tracks and artists.