TWMX Poll Results:
Where Do You Ride Most Often?

According to our recent poll, over 55% of you spend more of your riding time on trails than you do on the motocross track. Here are the complete results:

Most of our readers primarily ride MX tracks. But we thought it would be interesting to see exactly how it breaks down. So, where do you ride the most?

  • 55.6% Trail riding
  • 34.7% MX track
  • 8.4% Desert/dunes
  • 1.2% My neighbor’s backyard

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The opening round of Supercross in Toronto was pretty wild. What do you think of James Stewart’s run-ins with Ivan Tedesco and Travis Preston?

  1. That’s just good, hard racing
  2. James was out of line

Now get out there and hit your local MX track!