TWMX Poll Results:
Who Will Make the Biggest Impact in SX Lites?

The readers have spoken, and it looks like over half of you—55.4% to be exact—think that Mike Alessi will make the biggest impact in the Supercross Lites class this season. It would also seem that everyone is expecting a repeat of what we saw in the outdoors, a battle between Villopoto and Alessi. With Grant, Dungey, Hill and a whole slew of other serious contenders, it should be an exciting season in the Lites class!

Here are the complete results from the TWMX Poll…

Who do you think will make the biggest impact in the Lites class in SX this year?
55.4% Mike Alessi
29.0% Ryan Villopoto
5.3% Josh Hill
3.7% Josh Grant
2.9% Ryan Dungey
1.2% Tommy Hahn

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Most of our readers primarily ride MX tracks. But we thought it would be interesting to see exactly how it breaks down. So, where do you ride most often?
1. MX track
2. Trail riding
3. Desert/dunes
4. My neighbor’s backyard