TWMX Poll Results: Factory Equipment

Apparently most of us think our bikes have plenty of power fresh of the showroom floor. In our last TWMX poll we asked, “Which would you prefer, factory motor or factory suspension?” and an overwhelming 80% of you chose suspension. We admit, it was kind of a no-brainer.

With Supercross season in full swing, we thought we would turn our attention to the racing with this week’s TWMX poll question:

With Ricky Carmichael taking another week off for Anaheim 3, who do you think is most likely to end up on the podium this weekend (assuming Bubba and Reed are there again)?

1. Tim Ferry
2. Nick Wey
3. David Vuillemin
4. Travis Preston
5. Michael Byrne

We know, it’s a rather convoluted question this week. Read it two or three times before answering if you need to, then go to the homepage to give us your answer.