COLORS: Black/chrome, black, white/silver, red, blue, yellow

SIZES: 6-14 (black and white), 7-13 (colors)

PRICE: $349.95


WHAT IT IS: Berik has been a house brand of the much larger Madif company for over five years now, specializing primarily in road racing suits and gloves. Well known in Europe, particularly on the MotoGP circuit, Berik’s latest venture has been their jump into the motocross boot market, and they’ve been blessed with the endorsement of the champ himself, Ricky Carmichael. The RC OVS-Pro is the same boot that supported the G.O.A.T.’s run at collecting four major championships during the 2005 racing season--World Supercross, AMA 250cc Supercross, AMA 250cc National Motocross, and Motocross des Nations. Not a bad start for a first-year boot!

HITS: Like all of the top motocross boots on the market, the RC OVS-Pro is a premium Italian designed and developed product, and rumor has it that Ricky himself helped with the fine-tuning of the final version. The boot’s name and patent pending key feature, OVS, stands for Over Sliding System, and provides some additional calf and ankle support and protection via a floating plastic panel on the outside of each boot. Possibly the most unique features of the high-end Berik models, however, is the use of kangaroo leather, which first came into use in their road race suits. Lighter and more flexible than the commonly used leathers, kangaroo is used in key flex areas to help improve mobility. The initial comfort of the Berik RC OVS-Pro is great! As soon as you slide your foot in, the form-fitting foot case offers an orthopedically correct fit, and the anatomic internal ankle foam offers great comfort and support. Injection-molded thermoplastic gives the boot added protection in the shin, foot, and heel areas, and the leather heat shields provide exhaust protection and frame traction without the abrasive effect. The buckle system combines plastic and aluminum, and is fully adjustable and replaceable. And although we’ve never known anybody to actually do it, the heavy-duty double stitched soles are replaceable, as well. Rounding out the RC OVS-Pro features is an internal steel shank for shock absorption and removable antibacterial EVA foot-beds, which do a fine job of keeping the foot bones in place.

MISSES: Although designed in Italy, the RC OVS-Pros are actually manufactured in China. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily, although we’re definitely more attracted to the attention to detail we’ve found in some of the high-end Italian-manufactured boots. For the money, the Beriks fall slightly short when it comes to overall fit and finish, but they are still a solid boot. And while the OVS system is a good design, we’d prefer that the floating plastic panel be a bit harder and beefier to increase the lateral support of the boot.

VERDICT: The new Berik RC OVS-Pro is an awesome-looking boot with a number of very nice features--especially for a first-year entry. For the money, however, we feel there are other boots on the market that are slightly further ahead of the evolutionary curve. Although, if they work for the G.O.A.T., who the hell are we to judge?

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