TWMX Product Report: Braking USA 270mm Oversize Front Rotor Kit

APPLICATION: All bikes (tested here on a 2007 Kawasaki KX450F)

PRICE: $282


WHAT IT IS: Braking USA is one of the original aftermarket brake rotor companies and has made its name producing top-notch oversized rotor kits. The kit tested here on our ’07 KX450F comes with a 270mm floating oversized wave rotor, a billet aluminum caliper relocation bracket that accommodates the larger disc, and a set of Braking brake pads.

HITS: Installation of the Braking kit is a piece of cake, and comes together easily within 10 to 20 minutes. During installation, we took notice of each components craftsmanship, as the Braking parts included in the kit are of great quality. Once installed, we noted that the new pads made a slight rubbing sound as we rotated the wheel, but we weren’t alarmed, as this is common with most pad changes. After cleaning off the rotor with a bit of contact/brake cleaner, we slowly cruised through the pit area for a few minutes, dragging the front brake to allow the new components to break in just a touch before hitting the track. Immediately after jumping out for our first moto, the impressive increase in stopping power (Braking claims a 20% increase) was well liked by all of our testers. In addition to improved stopping power, however, we also greatly appreciated the new positive, progressive braking feel at the lever. With the power and weight behind today’s big 450s, additional front stopping power is not only welcomed, it’s extremely effective, allowing for a drastic improvement in most rider’s corner entrance speed. With a solid, powerful binder enhancing performance up front, there’s no doubt that we became more aggressive on the track.

MISSES: If improved braking is not something that you feel your steed is in need of, $282 outta the pocket may not sound that great to you. Although, we’re quite sure you’d be ecstatic once this little honey was installed.

THE VERDICT: Improved braking power and feel have no doubt yielded improved lap times on our KXF. Interested? Call the number below…

Call 973/743-9045 or visit