TWMX Product Report:
Freestyle Watches

APPLICATION: Black or Silver/Black, One size fits most

PRICE: $85.00 (Lopex World Class), $110.00 (Blackout), $150.00 (Lockdown)


WHAT IT IS: Freestyle USA produced the first ever surf watch—the Shark—to withstand the abusive conditions faced when worn in the surf. Since producing their first product 25 years ago, the Freestyle collection has evolved into performance watches built for quality, durability, and style. While we don’t actually wear a wristwatch while riding, to see how it holds up to some abuse we gave the Lopex World Class a whirl in between motos and while shooting some photos at the track.

HITS: The Freestyle lived up to its reputation; looking as good as new after we wore it for a few days at the track. In addition to standing up to some abuse, the Lopex World Class was comfortable. At first glance it seems a bit bulky and we thought that might make it uncomfortable to wear, but the wristband fit our big wrists nicely and felt good to boot.

But let’s get real; the real question about a watch like this is as much about durability as it is style points, and in our opinion the Freestyle watches definitely have a good look to them. Check out the photos for yourself to see what you think.

MISSES: In terms of function and durability we didn’t have any problems. Being that look and feel are a personal preference; not everyone may like the watches we tested, but given the variety of choices in the Freestyle line-up, most everyone will find one that suits their taste.

THE VERDICT: If you’re in the market for a stylish new watch that can take some abuse, Freestyle is the brand to check out.

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