TWMX Product Report:
Shoei V-MOTO Helmet

SIZES: Available in XXS-XXL in several color schemes

PRICE: $333.99


WHAT IT IS: Shoei is one of the originators in the growing world of motocross helmets, and the V-MOTO is one of their staple products. Designed for comfort, in addition to safety, its features include something called an Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Shell; a fully removable, replaceable, and washable liner; a dual liner ventilation system; aggressively styled visor and mouthpiece; and a 5-year warranty.

HITS: What was most noticeable while testing the V-MOTO, was how much we didn’t notice it. Before even sliding the helmet on, right away we noticed how lightweight it felt in our hands. Once it was strapped on for several good riding sessions that included track time as well a some long desert trail-rides, the overall comfort made us almost forget that we were wearing it. Plus, Shoei’s dual liner ventilation system allowed for ample airflow through the helmet, helping keep us cool and dry.

Shoei claims their exclusive Cross Visor “improves aerodynamic stability,” and we have to admit that while wearing the helmet on some long high-speed desert trails, we didn’t get that dragging feeling often felt on other helmets as the wind pulls up on the visor. The V-MOTO felt snug and stable at any speed.

MISSES: The one minor complaint we have about the helmet would be that the upper “brim” of the V-MOTO seems to ride a little low, forcing our goggles down lower than we would normally like. This caused larger goggles to pinch down on our nose just a bit. Fortunately this was easily remedied by switching out our goggles to some with a slimmer frame.

THE VERDICT: The Shoei V-MOTO helmet lived up to its claims of being lightweight and comfortable, and the dual liner ventilation system kept us cool during long rides. At $333.99 the V-MOTO is in the higher-end price range, but for the safety and comfort this helmet offers, it’s worth it. Not to mention that with a 5-year warranty, your investment should be safe for years to come.

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