Application: Tested here on the KTM250SX-F

Price: Slip-on Carbon Muffler $599.99/Power Bomb $349.99

Rating: 10

What It Is: This system is FMF’s top-of-the-line exhaust system. Made from carbon fiber and titanium, it is one of the lightest out there and is a significant difference from stock. The Mega-Bomb header pipe has been a couple years in the making, and FMF claims that it helps increase bottom-end while also quieting things down.

Hits: One look at this exhaust system and it is easy to see why FMF is one of the leaders in four-stroke technology. The craftsmanship is second to none, and the performance gain was immediately noticeable out on the track. Power was increased all throughout, and the bike wanted to rev to the moon and back. Basically, this system did exactly what it was supposed to do. Add FMF’s repacking indicator sticker on the muffler (the sticker changes colors when it’s time to replace the packing) and this is one solid choice in bolt-on performance.

Misses: While the carbon fiber looks cool, we still question its durability. We do, however, have yet to rack up the hours on our unit, and with the repacking indicator sticker, we can rest assured that maintenance will not be a problem.

The Verdict: Basically, like we said before, this is one of the best aftermarket exhaust systems you can buy. Its sleek looks and instant power boost are sure to turn heads at your local stomping grounds.

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