TWMX Product Report: Spy Sunglasses

APPLICATION: One size fits most (LaCrosse, Cooper, Hielo, and Nolen pictured)

PRICE: $79.95 – $129.95


WHAT IT IS: In addition to their line of popular MX goggles, Spy Optic carries a growing line of stylish sunglasses that keep you comfortable and looking cool between motos or away from the track.

HITS: While looking good is certainly an important consideration when choosing your shades, it’s also critical that they offer a comfortable fit and the lenses provide a clear view while protecting you from dangerous UV rays. To ensure they meet all these requirements, Spy utilizes several different technologies during manufacturing, including crafting the frames in “propionate” for a smooth, comfortable finish. While we dig the look of the glasses, the first thing we noticed when putting them on, and after wearing them during long SoCal freeway commutes, was how comfortable they were. The glasses fit nicely to the shape of our big melons, and once we have them on, they’re barely noticeable.

The lenses on the specs are called ARC (Accurate Radius Curvature) lenses, which, according to Spy, ensures an optically correct, distortion-free field of view. This ARC stuff must be working, because the view through the shades is crystal clear. The ARC technology also gives the lenses great shatter and scratching resistance, and of course offers UV protection; absorbing 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.

MISSES: We have no complaints for the crew at Spy; heck we don’t even a few points of constructive criticism. The “10” rating at the top of this page should tell you everything you need to know.

THE VERDICT: Spy has hit a homerun in terms of both form and function with their line of sunglasses. With dozens of styles and colors to choose from, and cutting edge technology ensuring both comfort and clear vision, you can’t go wrong with a new pair of Spy shades.

Call 800/SPY-EYES or visit