TWMX Race Report: ’04 Anaheim 3

The racing in the ’04 Supercross season just seems to get better each week, and Anaheim 3 was no exception. A sellout crowd saw some great action, and here are the highlights…

Stephane Roncada continued his string of heat race wins, taking his fifth of the season. Ronron says he’s feeling stronger each week, and beat Travis Preston and a more aggressive Brock Sellards (who finished fourth in the main).


Nate Ramsey looked really stable en route to his heat race win. He had to pass a pesky Kris Keefer, who after grabbing the holeshot had fans thumbing through their programs trying to figure out who the number 706 KTM rider was. Ivan Tedesco had an impressive ride as he came from really deep in the pack to third at the finish.


Ezra Lusk looked really strong early in the evening, coming from behind to pass a very tenacious Mike Brown (and David Vuillemin) to take the checkered flag.


Chad Reed took the other 250cc heat race win ahead of Michael Byrne and Heath Voss.


Mike LaRocco had to work his way through a semi (as did Kevin Windham), but earned a podium finish in the main (more on that later).


For most of the 125cc main, it looked like this. Roncada out front, followed by Ivan Tedesco and Travis Preston.


With Preston applying pressure from behind, the two Pro Circuit Kawasaki teammates bumped a few times, and Ivan finally made the pass on lap 12. With two laps to go, Preston got by Roncada, and finished second. Ivan now has five straight wins, and a full race lead over his teammate in the point standings.


125cc Main Event Results

  1. Ivan Tedesco
  2. Travis Preston
  3. Stephane Roncada
  4. Brock Sellards
  5. Brock Sellards
  6. Troy Adams
  7. Andrew Short
  8. Greg Schnell
  9. Eric Nye
  10. Nathan Ramsey
  11. Michael Blose
  12. Joaquim Rodrigues
  13. Ryan Morais
  14. Jeff Gibson
  15. Richie Owens
  16. Jesse Casillas
  17. Sean Collier
  18. Tim Weigand
  19. Hans Neel
  20. Logan Darien
  21. Kris Keefer
  22. Adam Mennenga
  23. Josh Hansen

After watching the afternoon practices, there wasn’t much doubt that Chad Reed and Kevin Windham were the fastest through the whoops. After the riders negotiated the carnival-style split start, everyone (with the possible exception of the rest of the riders) was happy to see those two come out with the lead. The race was on! Thing got snug exiting the first turn after the track came together, though. Kevin was running out of track room here, and had to drop in behind Chad.


Early in the main it looked like a cat and mouse game between Reed and Windham, with neither rider appearing to want to lead and show off their lines. Earlier in the week, Windham told us, “I had a game plan in San Diego, but went into the lead too early, and Chad got to watch all my lines.” This time they jockeyed back and forth more. At one point Chad couldn’t make a triple, and Kevin went to the lead. At another point, Windham locked up the rear wheel and stalled the bike, but was able to bump-start it on the downside of a jump.


Kevin took over the lead for good on lap nine, and when he and Reed bumped on lap 12, Mike LaRocco passed Reed for second. Reed worked his way back by Mike on lap 18, and that locked up the podium, with Windham on top, Reed in second and LaRocco in third. If you take away the penalty imposed on Windham by the AMA at Phoenix, there would only be a 13 point gap between Reed and Windham instead of the comfortable 23 point margin that’s currently on paper. LaRocco and Vuillemin are currently tied for third in points.

[IMAGE 10]

250cc Main Event Results

  1. Kevin Windham
  2. Chad Reed
  3. Mike LaRocco
  4. Damon Huffman
  5. David Vuillemin
  6. Michael Byrne
  7. Ezra Lusk
  8. Grant Langston
  9. Erick Vallejo
  10. Nick Wey
  11. Heath Voss
  12. Sean Hamblin
  13. Keith Johnson
  14. Ryan Clark
  15. Craig Anderson
  16. Mike Brown
  17. Rodrig Thain
  18. Isaiah Johnson
  19. Tiger Lacey
  20. Tyler Evans